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Fresh Christmas trees grown, cared for and harvested by us

On time, in perfect condition

We’ll work with you to agree on the best delivery date, taking into account the type and size of trees you’re ordering. With ambient temperatures in November-December sometimes reaching 20°C (-68°F!), we’re encouraging our customers to consider the effect this has on the product. You might find that taking delivery a little later is more suitable – we are always happy to advise.


Single or staged deliveries

No separate charges – delivery is included in the order price. We will show you in our quote how we have calculated the inclusive cost of delivery, which of course will depend on the size of the order and the distance to be covered. Once you have placed your order, the selected trees will be delivered to your premises netted and secured on pallets at no extra charge, in a single delivery.

We transport our trees using a wide variety of vehicle sizes. If you don’t have your own forklift for unloading, we can usually arrange for delivery on a vehicle with offloading facilities.


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